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How to Live a Happy & Healthy Life; 45 Simple Habits

Being healthy is not just about eating nutritious food and exercising. Diet and exercise are essential, but we tend to focus too much on these two wellness components while ignoring other things that could even matter more towards improving our longevity.

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There are all kinds of research out there that says how long it takes to build a habit. This can vary anywhere from 21 days to 254 days. The timing doesn’t really matter for these happiness habits; what matters is that you incorporate these tips into your daily lives… you can build healthy habits (and I’m right here with my hand on your back, supporting you and making this easier)!

As you make these quick tips part of your daily routine, you will find (and actually create) more balance, health, and happiness in your life. Keep this list handy as a daily reminder. Focusing on some simple things you can do each day will make that “Love you Love” that much more attainable!

  1. Be kind

  2. Be generous

  3. Show gratitude / be grateful for everything and everyone

  4. Eat well

  5. Exercise

  6. Focus on what’s good in your life

  7. Meditate/ pray

  8. Focus on your breathing

  9. Hum or sing a happy song every day

  10. Laugh often / find things that make you laugh

  11. Be honest

  12. Dream big

  13. Be patient

  14. Judge less

  15. Treat yourself to things you enjoy daily

  16. Smile often

  17. Love yourself

  18. Forgive easily

  19. Keep your bedroom clean and organized

  20. Think positively

  21. Drink lots of water

  22. Spend time outside

  23. Spend less time on any screen

  24. Spend less time on Social Media

  25. Believe in yourself

  26. Keep an open mind

  27. Chew your food well

  28. Say please and thank You

  29. Tell people you love them

  30. Learn to say no / don’t overcommit yourself

  31. Don’t make excuses

  32. Put your needs first / don’t be a pleaser

  33. Don’t make excuses

  34. Speak well of others

  35. Listen to understand

  36. Choose faith over fear

  37. Make the most of now

  38. Exercise self-discipline

  39. Look on the bright side

  40. Don’t compare yourself to others

  41. See failure as an opportunity

  42. Don’t take opinions to heart

  43. Select friends that lift you up

  44. Let go of what can’t be changed

  45. Have a healthy sleeping pattern

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