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How to Learn Healthy Living Lessons From Your Dog: 25 tips

Long-haired miniature dachshund

Can we all agree that puppies are the best? Yes, they’re a lot of work, but they are worth it! Growing up, we were always a “bigger” dog family. My Dad used to call small dogs “Head Covers with Feet!” (He was a big golfer, and this was his affectionate way of making fun of them!) Fifteen years ago, our family brought Bernie home. Bernie is a long-haired miniature dachshund. Bernie is slowing down quite a bit, but he has captured many hearts over his fifteen years.

Yellow Labrador Retriever

Enter Moose! Moose is our daughter and son-in-law’s 85 pound, eight-month-old yellow lab. His name fits him perfectly, and he is all puppy! Right now, we are lucky enough to have our daughter, Sammy, and Moose staying with us for a month (while her husband is serving our country on deployment-thanks Collin!) It has been fun to have a colossal puppy in the house, though not so sure Bernie would agree with that! These dogs have brought so much joy, love, and laughter into our home, causing me to stop and think about what these dogs can teach all of us humans about living a healthy life you love.

Here are 25 lessons your furry friend can teach you each day if you pay attention!

  1. Trust your humans. (And be trustworthy for them!)

  2. Don’t take life too seriously.

  3. Be empathetic to your humans.

  4. Be loyal to your humans.

  5. Show excitement for your humans.

  6. Enjoy your meals.

  7. Forgive.

  8. Exercise is playtime.

  9. Rest often/ Rest well.

  10. Don’t worry about things you can’t control.

  11. Don’t be afraid to bark. (Use your voice!)

  12. Do your business outside of the house. (Not exactly as your dog does, just don’t make your home a place of constant work!)

  13. Maintain a positive attitude.

  14. Be good at cuddling.

  15. Be extra happy when your humans get home.

  16. Make people laugh. Have a sense of humor.

  17. Don’t waste good food.

  18. Find joy in something as simple as a car ride.

  19. Stop and sniff the flowers.

  20. Put aside your differences and live in peace. (even with the enemy cat!)

  21. Explore.

  22. Be a great travel companion.

  23. Protect your humans.

  24. Drink water.

  25. Serve those who need it. (Be a service animal!)

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