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Hoka Tivra Crosstrainer

Hoka Tivra Crosstrainer

One thing I get asked by so many people is, “what shoe should I wear for Studio classes?” This is my latest favorite shoe! Shoes are so important, and I am a huge proponent of wearing a shoe made specifically for whatever activity you are doing. How many people do you know with foot problems from wearing the wrong shoes? Back in the day when “aerobics” was hot (I won’t date myself and say when I started teaching!), you could purchase an aerobic shoe from several different companies. These were ideal for the lateral movements required by studio classes like HIIT, Zumba, Cardio-Kickboxing, and my personal favorite – a super fun step class. Since everything has shifted to cross-training, many companies have stopped these shoes, making it hard to find the right shoe for studio workouts. If you’re wearing a running shoe in a cardio-kickboxing class, your feet will more than likely eventually start hurting. Running shoes support and cushion your feet as you move forward, not side to side as you move in a studio class. Many of my students are now wearing this shoe and loving it. It’s light and comfortable but super supportive. Replace your shoes often. Your feet are worth it, and this isn’t the area to save money. It’s also best to wear these shoes only in the studio, not to and from the gym, and the studio owners will love you for keeping their floors in good shape as well. If you’re a runner, try their running shoes as well. I wear the Bondi for the extra cushioning. You will not find a more comfortable running shoe!

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