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Egg Weights

Egg Weights

These are perfect small handheld weights for running or any cardio workout. I use them mostly for running and cardio kickboxing classes. They are a great addition to your workout if you're looking to build muscle tone or burn a few extra calories. Their unique size and shape allow you to hold one in each hand during cardio exercise comfortably. These would be a great replacement for small dumbbells in cardio kickboxing class for two reasons; first, dumbbells can tax your wrists as you're gripping them, and second, I see too many women completely lose their punching "form" as they use dumbbells which are just too heavy. Instead of putting stress on your wrists, Egg Weights will help you engage your arms and shoulders more. They can also help you improve your running mechanics as they conform to your body's natural running motion. They're highly portable, especially if you get the cute carrying case! I have a few different sets, mostly using the cardio mini 2-pound set. Don't be surprised how much you'll feel the addition of only 1 pound in each hand!
To get 10%, enter coupon code JENNIEMELIN (that's me!) at the link below.

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