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ACME Fine Wines St. Helena, CA

ACME Fine Wines St. Helena, CA

You've all heard about the health benefits of wine cited in various studies in the last twenty years! In moderation, red wine has been shown to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, increase HDL (the good cholesterol), prevent LDL (the bad cholesterol) from causing damage to the lining of arteries, in addition to other positive effects. It is also known to be rich in antioxidants. If you want to find some excellent wines from "off the beaten path" in Napa Valley, you need to get in touch with Acme. We have been members of their "Under the Radar" Wine Club for several years, and many of our friends have joined as well.

They have other clubs as well, but here's their description of "Under the Radar:"

This club features wine brands that are undiscovered and newly launched. As a club member, you have the opportunity to join us on our quest to discover the undiscovered, and in subsequent vintages, your membership means you'll be first in line for next year's allocations. In short, ACME will give you access to your favorites year after year. Every month, we carefully select two bottles of wine to share with you: always red, always domestic, and most often, a debut vintage. Each shipment will include detailed wine notes written by our team of sommeliers. $95-$110 in wine per month, exclusive of shipping.

We have never received a bottle we didn't like, and we've found more than we can count that we love!
During Covid, we've also done a few private virtual tastings with them, which were so much fun. Their customer service is excellent, and we have really enjoyed getting to know everyone there. If you enjoy tasting and learning about wonderful, unique wines, this is a club you'll want to be in!

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